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About Us

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Kathryn Carson

Kathryn Carson – MA; BSc (Hons) Hom; Li LCCH; RN; INP; RSHom

I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in the 80’s at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

In 2001 I obtained my degree in Health Sciences specializing in Homeopathy. I hold a Masters in Complementary Medicine, which I employ in my practice with good effect. In 2007 I qualified as an independent nurse prescriber at Masters level.

I have 25 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine. I am qualified to perform most cosmetic medical treatments including intravenous nutritional therapy. I operate mainly from The Good Skin Company located in Hampton Hill.

I am currently affiliated with the largest and most successful training course for medical professionals in the UK.

I received my Level 7 certification in March 2020. Acquiring a Level 7 qualification demonstrates a high level of knowledge and experience. It is a nationally recognised qualification (an Ofqual regulated qualification) and provides proof of extensive knowledge in all areas of aesthetic medicine.

The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners recommends this qualification for its members.


Susie Jamieson

Susie Jamieson – Mental Health Specialist MBACP (Accred), Lic. LCCH, EFTi

As a mental health professional, I work primarily one to one with private clients. In summary, my role is to facilitate healing, recovery and change, through self-development, self-awareness, adjustment, acceptance or medicine.

The need for healing or recovery or change is highly individualised, deeply personal and often private. I work with whatever clients bring to me. My work is completely focussed on you, the unique person that you are; I work differently with each client. Some clients have just a few sessions, whilst others may attend for a few years. My pledge to all my clients is this;

“I will do my best for you, I will support you until you are in a place to support yourself. I will not hold you to any contract, or specific number of sessions. You are my priority; not my bank balance”.

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Why work with me?

I offer deep authentic compassion, I meet you where you are. I see you, I hear you; no matter what. I feel honoured with what clients choose to share with me and I feel joy when I witness clients unfold into a space of trust as they share experiences from their personal history that may have been held in for years, decades even.

The most important element of therapy is the therapeutic relationship where the therapist – genuinely – offers compassion and unconditional positive regard and that the client feels these and feels emotionally safe and understood.

This is the space I create. I create this space on-line so that you can be in the comfort and safety of your home; a place of sanctuary during and after your session/s.

What can I support you with?

Some examples:-

Relationships – relationships are vital to being human yet can be problematic and complex experiences. I work with all kinds of relationships.

Anxiety – anxiety is often symptomatic of an underlying cause, understanding this along-with learning calming techniques is highly beneficial.

Depression – depression is often symptomatic of an underlying cause, understanding its origins takes us through a process that often touches other high level symptoms, such as Abuse, PTSD, Grief et al.

Abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, financial, whether from childhood or adulthood are deeply violating experiences. With time and compassion you can move towards safety.

Grief – adapting and adjusting to the loss of a loved one is so personal.

PTSD – creating a safe space for processing trauma through the language of the body and soothing techniques that help to settle a hyper-vigilant nervous system.

Ill Health – a diagnosis can be shocking and frightening, the emotional impact can be significant until we find ways to adapt to such unwelcome change.

What do I offer?

Most importantly I offer deep compassion and unconditional positive regard as well as absolute confidentiality. Below are the main interventions I offer, along-with creative expression; you may be a writer, poet, artist or musician and wish to utilise these within your healing process. Working with you as the unique individual that you are enables you to choose how you process your experiences and maintain absolute governance.

  • Psychotherapy (CBT, Person Centred & Transactional Analysis)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – Tapping)
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Reiki (which can be offered at distance)
  • Yoga Bodywork (some of which can be self-administered under guidance)

I can create a unique way of working just for you by blending some of my offerings. We work together to your agenda at the pace and availability that your lifestyle allows.

In summary, I compassionately and without judgement offer individualised services to support you with the unexpected or unwanted challenges that life throws, or has thrown at you.

Each session is £75 for 75 minutes, giving you the space and time to explore within and without.

A few testimonials:

Thank you for being such a fab supportive counsellor. Knowing I can tell you anything without being judged really helps. Knowing I can trust you makes me emotional to think about. Thank you for the safe space.FP

As a creative person myself I was immediately drawn towards “Creative Therapist” Susie.  As I knew in becoming a client of hers that I was looking to work on a number of different aspects of my life, it seemed like a therapist with a wide range of approaches and experience would be ideal. And I was right! Susie offers a huge amount of insight into all areas of the mind, body and self as a whole. She can sense the balance of what is needed and creates a unique blend of approaches to fit you personally. I have discovered far more about myself than I would have thought possible. Susie welcomes you with a calming, non-judgmental atmosphere where you are safe to express and explore. Truly the creative approach.LH

I had started to visit Susie as part of a company referral scheme as I had become seriously depressed and anxious about everything and I mean everything! Susie is very calming she had put me at ease just by talking to her in the first of 6 sessions. I would start to show excitement in our sessions because I trust her. She makes me feel confident and happy with myself. She has helped me understand my past and how it shaped me as well as current issues. I now am a better farther, husband, friend and I have started to love myself and life again!

Susie has been there helping me deal with my Complicated past to ensure I can see a future and I thank her very much for that.

My referral sessions had run out a while ago and I have continued with Susie as she has been a tremendous help and support. A knowledgeable and trusting character that I am happy to recommend to anyone seeking support in any areas of life! She has helped me with my self-belief and insecurity complex that I have lived with since a young boy.  Thank you Susie BC

Anxiety was at an all-time high, paralysed with fear. Self-love and self-esteem were non-existent. With Susie’s guidance and support I learnt tools to quieten anxiety, fear and learnt to start to love me and build self-esteem. My first session with Susie I could barely leave the house without someone by my side, had not drove in years and public transport was a no go…now though I drive, enjoy public transport and go where I want to by myself. I live life and no longer just exist.  – SG

Susie has been a kind and patient therapist, listening deeply grasping how I tend to perceive the world. She operates with a gentle curiosity and comes at things from an intuitive place. This helps very much as it allows the creation of space for alternative and wider perspective when I hear this reflected back in our conversation. What matters most is feeling heard and I certainly do feel that. Susie is resourceful when needed and kind in her communication. Equally honest and frank where necessary in the most sensitive way. It takes me a long time to build trust with people and I feel that in our sessions and in the sense of time in between. She is not pushy nor interjecting with her own views or perceptions and demonstrates much patience, authenticity and an openness. This isn’t always a quality I find readily in many other professionals. I think this makes her stand out. Her thinking is innovative, holistic and she takes her role seriously. I find her mindful in her approach. I would recommend Susie without doubt to someone whom was in need of a sincere therapeutic experience.AS

Thank you for taking the time to read about my mental health services and I look forward to working with you when you are ready.
07584 193030


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